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Richard II

August 2020

60 Hour Shakespeare performed Richard II in association with Acting For Others to raise money for theatre workers affected by COVID-19.

On 31 Aug 2020, 60 Hour Shakespeare invited a global audience to Richard II, a virtual production streamed live from 6 timezones. The production raised £1,043 for Acting for Others to support theatre workers affected by COVID-19.

Richard II: Past Events

60 Hour Shakespeare invites the audience through the looking-glass, to this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England, where the Plantagenet King, Richard II, sits upon the ground and asks this sceptre’d isle to yield stinging nettles to his enemies. The King has returned from Ireland to find the formerly banished Henry Bolingbroke has an ally, the Duke of York, in his rebellion against the crown. The King had seized Bolingbroke’s inheritance to fund the Irish war and is deposed and imprisoned in Pomfret Castle, but a plot is hatched to restore him to the throne.

Richard II: Text


King Richard II - Rylan Beech

Henry Bolingbroke - Brandon Dodsworth
John of Gaunt - Henry Graham Murray
Northumberland - Olga Blagodatskikh
Duke of York - Joe Penczak
Duchess of York - Noelle Adames
Henry Percy - Colin Foulkes
Queen - Mary Anna Nagorski
Duchess of Aumerle - Sophia Priolo
Thomas Mowbray - Henry Silk
Duchess of Gloucester - Kat Dulfer
Lady Marshal - Ilaria Diotallevi
Lady Willoughby - Caroline Taylor
Sir Stephen Scroop - Deesh Mariwala
Bagot - Charlie Morgan
Green - Ruth Cowell
Bishop of Carlisle - Bryony Reynolds
Bushy - Lola Beal
Lady Ross - Alexandra Kataigida
Exton - Rachele Spinozzi

Director - Gavin Leigh
Producer - Charlotte Cline
Production Assistants - Olivia Thomson & Lucy Mortlock & Hannah Paybarah

Special Thanks To: Leigh Anderson Associates, Bev Baker from Shrewsbury Heritage for supplying costume

Richard II: Text
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