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60 Hour Shakespeare® presents Love's Labour's Lost

Sunday August 11th 2024, 19:00BST
Reading Abbey Ruins

Our Court shall be a little academe

60 Hour Shakespeare presents Love's Labour's Lost in Reading Abbey Ruins at 7pm on Sunday 11th August with all proceeds donated to Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation.

After the King and three of his followers take a vow to avoid women for a life of study, the Princess of France arrives with her three ladies-in-waiting. The four men are soon caught out by one another, and by the women, in forswearing their solemn oath.

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Love's Labour's Lost: Welcome
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Raising Funds for Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation

Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation is a cultural education charity that gives young people across the UK the confidence to succeed in life.

Their carefully tailored programmes, curriculum resources and standalone workshops improve teamwork and educational attainment.

Love's Labour's Lost: Our Mission


King Ferdinand - Jonny Wiles

Berowne - Ant Henson

Longaville - Nathan Lwanga

Dumaine - Henry Leigh-Hunt

Don Armado - Olaya Ciccarelli-Bermudez

Moth - Elizabeth Robbins

Holofernes - Maggi Veltre

Nathaniel - Susannah Townsend

Dull - Sue Whyte

Costard - Anna Davies

Jaquenetta - Yui Minari

The Princess of France - Annie Hammond

Rosaline - Lorelei Piper

Maria - Georgie Smith

Katharine - Meg Olssen

Boyet - Martha Ibbotson

Director - Gavin Leigh

Producer - Charlotte Cline

Love's Labour's Lost: About Us
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