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The Shakespeare Theatrical Universe presents 'Ophelia' and 'Mercutio'

Sunday August 14th 2022, 19:30BST
Reading Abbey Ruins

Double Bill Shakespeare

Shakespeare's plays retold from one character's scenes using the original play text to raise money for the homeless with New Beginnings Reading. These productions are their complete stories. 

Ophelia and Mercutio: Welcome
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Raising Money for New Beginnings Reading

New Beginnings Reading is a homeless charity based in Reading, UK.

Our aims are the prevention and relief of poverty and financial hardship of persons in Reading and the Greater Berkshire area who are in need due to social or economic reasons, regardless of their religion or belief. This includes (but is not limited to) providing clothing, food, essential items, temporary accommodation, sign-posting to other support services and assistance with independent living. The charity promotes social inclusion for the public benefit by preventing people in Reading from becoming socially excluded and relieving the needs of those people who are socially excluded and assisting them to integrate into society.

Ophelia and Mercutio: Our Mission


Ophelia - Sophia Priolo

Hamlet - Matthew Rowan

Guildernstern - Heidi Steel

Rosencrantz - Lola Beal

Laertes - Reece Lewis

Gertrude - Noelle Adames

Polonius - Maggi Veltre

Claudius - Sue Whyte

Mercutio - Ant Henson

Benvolio - Lola Beal

Romeo - Matthew Rowan

Juliet - Heidi Steel

Tybalt - Sophia Priolo

Nurse - Noelle Adames

Capulet - Sue Whyte

Director - Gavin Leigh

Producer - Charlotte Cline

Fight Choreographer - Sophia Priolo

Ophelia and Mercutio: About Us
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