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Much Ado About Nothing

May 2018

60 Hour Shakespeare performance of Much Ado About Nothing in association with the British Heart Foundation.

On 28th May 2018, 60 Hour Shakespeare performed Much Ado About Nothing in Caversham Court Gardens, Reading, raising money for the British Heart Foundation.

Much Ado About Nothing: Past Events

It’s 1983, the year of protests, peace camps and punk rock. Don Pedro, Benedick, Claudio and Don John, activists in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), arrive at Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp. They have been fighting against the Government, taking militant action against the missiles as they are moved around the country, and each other, when Claudio revealed Don Pedro’s brother, Don John, as a police informant. After a human protest chain gathers nation-wide media coverage, Innogen (Leonato) welcomes the CND into the camp to dance on the missile silo of Greenham Common's airbase. One peaceful protester, Beatrice, is not happy to see an activist again, but Claudio falls for a young woman in the camp called Hero and Don John wants revenge.

Much Ado About Nothing: Text



Innogen - Naiomi Soetendorp

Antonia - Teresa Sucharzewski

Margaret - Lucy Mortlock

Pastor Francis - Rhiannon Jenkins

Benedick - Kieran Donnelly

Beatrice - Olivia Thomson

Claudio - Ant Henson

Hero - Kristina Popova

Don Pedro - Christopher Brosnahan

Dogberry - Iain Stuart Dootson

Verges - James Riley

Watchman - Jennifer Jordan

Don John - Sebastian Hasi

Conrad - Shane Donnelly

Borachio - Silvia Colucci

Second Watchman - Madeline Stewart


Director - Gavin Leigh

Producer - Charlotte Cline

Much Ado About Nothing: Text
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