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60 Hour Shakespeare® presents As You Like It

Bank Holiday Monday August 29th 2022, 18:00BST
Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa

As You Like It inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's There and Back Again and Thomas Lodge's Rosalynde to raise money for Helping Hands Community Project Leamington Spa.

As You Like It: Welcome
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Raising Money for Helping Hands Community Project Leamington Spa

Our charity is all about local people helping local people in need. We give people the support and opportunities to feel better about themselves, be more active in the community and get back into work. Our team provide the basics through our soup kitchen and give a hand up not just a hand out through new skills, experience and qualifications.

As You Like It: Our Mission


Rosalind - Annie Hammond

Charles - Christian Cascone

Celia - Lorelei Piper

Oliver - Reece Lewis

Orlando - Ant Henson

Duke Senior - Elina Mustonen

Duke Frederick - Nick Robinson

Jacques - Kieran Donnelly

Adam - Sue Whyte

Hymen - Sophia Priolo

Touchstone - Nettie Chickering

Audrey - Megan Peace

Silvius - Ilaria Diotallevi

Phoebe - Olaya Ciccarelli-Bermudez

Corin - Maggi Veltre

Director - Gavin Leigh

Producer - Ilaria Diotallevi

Fight Choreographer - Sophia Priolo

Costume Designer - Helen Moulford

As You Like It: About Us
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