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60 Hour Shakespeare® presents Othello

Sunday August 13th 2023, 19:00BST
Reading Abbey Ruins

Oh, beware my Lord, of jealousie,
It is the greene-ey'd Monster, which doth mocke
The meate it feeds on.

Othello: Welcome
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Raising Funds for Alexander Devine Children's Hospice Service

We provide specialist care and support to children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions, and their families, across Berkshire and into surrounding counties.

Othello: Our Mission


Othello - Nettie Chickering

Desdemona - Kat Dulfer

Brabantio - Joe Penczak

Iago - Ant Henson

Aemilia - Annie Hammond

Cassio - Anne Charbel

Bianca - Ilaria Diotallevi

Duke - Susannah Townsend

Rodorigo - Kieran Donnelly

Montano - Daniel Stone

Director - Gavin Leigh

Producer - Charlotte Cline

Fight Consultant - Kieran Donnelly

Othello: About Us
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