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"Brevity is the soul of wit"

60 Hour Shakespeare’s mild inspiration is the rehearsal time available to actors in Shakespeare’s time. Acting companies might have had only one rehearsal before a performance and performed as many as 40 productions a year. Our company performs with professional and amateur actors from around the world, who are cast from open auditions, to raise money for charity.


‘I saw a piece of theatrical bravura on Monday – a wonderful production of Hamlet, rehearsed and put together over just one weekend. The strong sense of movement created a special dynamic – you felt that almost anything could happen.’

Susan Creed, Henley Standard


Recent Productions

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Romeo & Juliet

19:30BST, Bank Holiday Monday 31st May 2021

Until 1558 the Catholic Queen, Bloody Mary, sat on the English throne and burnt hundreds of Protestants at the stake. Queen Elizabeth I returns England to a tolerant Protestant country, but it remains riven, and a young Protestant woman is determined to marry a Catholic.


'The use of language was brilliant, and the performances throughout were spirited and in turns both hilarious and moving.'

Ali de Souza, Associate Head of Acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland


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